This referendum is a direct result of Elkhart Community Schools spending beyond their means. That would be bad enough, but not only are they spending beyond their means, they are spending the people’s money…not their own. They are unwilling to bring the spending under control and get themselves in line with other districts, and because of this, we must vote no and send them a message that this will not be tolerated any longer. 

Jeff Petermann

Chairman, Best for Elkhart PAC

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This is our city. These funds that the school is spending are our funds. They treat you and I like we are nothing more than a piggy bank, and this must stop. When the last referendum went through, many of us warned that it would be one of many to come, and that all it did was create a conduit for the schools to come back to again and again when they mismanage their funds. We need your help to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore. We need your time, your talents and your treasure to make sure and defeat this referendum so handily that Elkhart Schools doesn’t come back for more until they have done their part in cutting unnecessary expenses. 

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Fight Against Increased Property Taxes

The Elkhart Community Schools school board LOVES uninformed voters. They will manipulate, lie, lather rinse repeat to whomever they can! Get informed so you can stop them from pushing through their self serving agenda in 2019 and beyond!

So, who are these people and how do we stop this?

The School board is not telling you the truth. They have made a habit out of telling half truths and not being transparent. You need to know the opposition so you we defeat them!

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